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Pandemos the SecretMuse

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This site will provide links to various web-based collections of fine and photographic art of the highest quality.
Click on the icons below to reach my collections of art and photos.

Ziegfeld Follies
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This site is undergoing long term reconstruction.
Please see more A C Johnston and Ziegfeld related pictures here.

Les Chansons de Bilitis
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This site has been restablsihed as of Nov. 2007. It contains an ecclectic mixture of vintage and retro in the form of paintings, sketches, French Postcards, and other photography. It covers roughly the period from 1815 to 1960. Some of the material will re reposted from earlier incarnations of the site; others will be new. Many of the larger collections and series are presented as single photos and as zips.

The Third Rome
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This site covers modern erotic photgraphic art. Updated Nov. 2007.

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Ancient Decadence in Photographs
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This page, devoted to the recreation of Classical Antiquity in Photographs, has been restored as of Nov 2007. Its total contets, including many new photos, should be posted shortly.

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This site deals with material from mainstream art and popular culture that addresses what is otherwise a hidden world .
It has been recently  updated with over 200 images including cartoons from the French First and Second Empires, art from the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, and images from the original King Kong and The Bride of Frankenstein.

Deviant Art
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This site is my Favorites List from the Artisitc Nude and Fetish sections of Deviant Art where a great deal of beautiful contemporary photography is posted. There are currently about 1200 images, and approximately a dozen new ones are added virtually each day.

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